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Lipedema Clinics

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Beauty Clinic on the Alster, Germany

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Lipoedema Diagnosis and treatment 

Dr. Klesper

The lipoedema is a disproportionally large, symmetrical swelling of subcutaneous fat tissue at the buttocks, the sides of the hips, the outer and inner thighs and upper arms, sometimes even at the lower legs, forearms and at the nape of the neck. It is always associated with a strong tendency to bruising (susceptibility to haematomas), excessive accumulation of fluid (oedemas) and pain due to swelling.

Lipoedema almost exclusively affects women after puberty, pregnancy or during menopause. There are likely genetically inherited risk factors, however, hormonal influences or weight gains are also possible causes that should be taken into consideration.

Lipoedema is in no way always a sign of obesity, therefore exclusive concentration on weight loss is not a sufficient therapy, and one-sided diets are not advisable. The abnormal increase in fat tissue tends to accumulate fluids, and this could be responsible for the pain, which results from tension and pressure on the affected tissue areas.
The lymphatic tissue of the respective body part is primarily not pathologically changed, but is secondarily negatively influenced due to the increased vulnerability and the tendency to inflammation and swelling of the affected local fat tissue.






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Beautyklinik a.d. Alster Hamburg 

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Nürnberger Fachklinik for Esthetic-Plastic Surgery

 The Surgeon Dr. Gonzales has specialized in Vascular Surgery ans Liposuction since 1973 at the University Clinic von Cologne. He has enormous experience in the surgical Treatment of Lipoedema, because of the last Two specializations, then he makes this treatment since then. 

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 El cirujano Dr. Gonzales se ha especializado en Cirugía Vascular y Liposucción desde 1973 en la Clinica Universitaria de Colonia. Èl tiene enorme experiencia en el tratamiento quirúrgico del Lipoedema, debido a las dos ultimas especializaciones, pues él hace este tratamiento desde entonces. 

 Il chirurgo Dr. Gonzales si è specializzato in chirurgia vascolare e liposuzione dal 1973 presso la Clinica Universitaria di Colonia. Ha un'enorme esperienza nel trattamento chirurgico del  Lipoedema, a causa delle ultime due specializzazioni, dal momento che da allora sta facendo questo trattamento.

 O cirurgião Dr. Gonzales especializou-se em Cirurgia Vascular e Lipoaspiração desde 1973 na Clínica Universitária de Colônia. Ele tem uma enorme experiência no tratamento cirúrgico do Lipoedema, devido às duas últimas especializações, já que ele vem fazendo esse tratamento desde então.

 Le chirurgien Dr. Gonzales s'est spécialisé dans la chirurgie vasculaire et la liposuccion depuis 1973 à la clinique universitaire de Cologne. Il a une expérience énorme dans le traitement chirurgical du lipoedème, en raison des deux dernières spécialisations, puisqu'il effectue ce traitement depuis.

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