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Diagnosis and treatment of lipoedema

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The lipoedema is a disproportionally large, symmetrical swelling of subcutaneous fat tissue at the buttocks, the sides of the hips, the outer and inner thighs and upper arms, sometimes even at the lower legs, forearms and at the nape of the neck. It is always associated with a strong tendency to bruising (susceptibility to haematomas), excessive accumulation of fluid (oedemas) and pain due to swelling.

Lipoedema almost exclusively affects women after puberty, pregnancy or during menopause. There are likely genetically inherited risk factors, however, hormonal influences or weight gains are also possible causes that should be taken into consideration.

Lipoedema is in no way always a sign of obesity, therefore exclusive concentration on weight loss is not a sufficient therapy, and one-sided diets are not advisable. The abnormal increase in fat tissue tends to accumulate fluids, and this could be responsible for the pain, which results from tension and pressure on the affected tissue areas.
The lymphatic tissue of the respective body part is primarily not pathologically changed, but is secondarily negatively influenced due to the increased vulnerability and the tendency to inflammation and swelling of the affected local fat tissue.







Beautyklinik a.d. Alster Hamburg   

Facts and costs

Hospital stay: Outpatient or inpatient 1 to 2 days

Anaesthesia: Under general anaesthesia performed by a specialist doctor fromour department of anaesthesia. If desired, also under local anaesthesia
Sutures: -
Longevity permanent
Social downtime 1 to 2 days
Follow-up exams: In consultation with the surgeon

Costs for liposuction:

Buttocks (small) from 2,400.00 € onwards 
Buttocks (big) from 3,800.00 € onwards 
Outer legs (small) from 2,000.00 € onwards
Outer legs (big) from 3,200.00 € onwards
Inner legs from 2,000.00 € onwards 
Hips from 2,000.00 € onwards 
Buttocks from 2,000.00 € onwards 
Knees from 1,600.00 € onwards
Calves from 1,600.00 € onwards
Consultation appointment

 Beautyklinik a.d. Alster Hamburg 

Stages of lipoedema

Stage 1:

Increase of fatty tissue in the buttocks, hips and the outer thighs (“saddlebags”) 

Stage 2:

Lipoedema or increased swelling down to the knees

Stage 3:

Lipoedema from the hips down to the ankles                                                                                   

Stage 4:

Arms and legs are affected up to the wrists and to the ankles, respectively

Stage 5:

In addition to the lipoedema, there is lymphatic swelling with increased build-up of fluid or fat in the back of the hands and bridges of the feet, as well as in fingers and toes

Additional symptoms include: pain and tenderness upon touch or pressure, tendency to haematomas, changed gait pattern due to the accumulation of fat (knock knees)
As therapeutic measures, the following methods are seen as useful, according to the current scientific position: regular manual or instrument-based lymphatic drainage - compression therapy by wearing compression garments (up to stage 4) - sport activities in connection with a reasonable dietary change - cautious operative removal of the excessive fat tissue by using the tissue-conserving liposuction in a vibration- assisted procedure (VAL).

Liposuction with the modern tissue-conserving vibration cannula technique provides a genuine alternative to the traditional conservative treatment methods. These traditional methods tended less to a discernible improvement of the current state, but to a decline in the progression of the disease. However, the liposuction using the vibration-assisted procedure (VAL) causes fewer lesions of the surrounding tissue, in comparison to other liposuction methods (laser-assisted, ultrasound-assisted, water jet-assisted methods). Therefore, this method can even be used with only local anaesthesia and for outpatient treatments in the majority of cases.

The Beauty Klinik an der Alster is a state-licensed private clinic for aesthetic and plastic surgery and has focused primarily on liposuction for the past ten years, using the modern vibration cannula technique. This scientifically-backed method is the recommended therapy for lipoedema.

Before the operative treatment, the following cases must be identified and ruled out:
• Primary lymphoedema
• Swelling due to cardiac insufficiency
• Swelling due to renal dysfunction
• Swelling due to medication

Before the operative treatment, the Beauty Klinik an der Alster will always provide detailed information and consultation about the treatment to the patient, and this consultation is naturally non-binding for the patient.
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