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ARION Application Aids for putting on and taking off compression stockings

The task of putting on and taking off compression stockings and tights is often a difficult one, nevertheless, must recur on a daily basis. The Slide Solution is a range of application aids for compression stockings and makes this procedure easier and less taxing. The Slide Solution offers the total solution. Each compression stocking wearer has a suitable product within The Slide Solution product range.

Gloves  An indispensable accessory for putting on and taking off the compression stockings in combination with The Slide Solution products

The Problem

For some people, compression stockings are vital and must bearion put on and taken off on a daily basis. This can be a problem for both caretakers and patients, as it is a major source of physical strain. Even patients who are able to carry out the process independently find it increasingly tedious. This often has an effect on therapy compliance.

The Solution

The Slide Solution products are specifically designed to alleviate the problems experienced with putting on and taking off compression stockings. The Slide Solution products are made from a very smooth material that has been treated with a special coating. This creates an ultra-smooth aid that vastly reduces friction, minimizing physical effort otherwise experienced by caregivers and patients. Its simplicity and ease of use allows patients to enjoy their freedom and independence once again

Lymph-Netzwerke International

Hinweise und Links zu Lymphologischen Netzwerken in Europa und weltweit die bei Ödem Erkrankungen helfen.

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