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Das Lymphödem ist eine chronische Erkrankung

Das Lipödem tritt überwiegend bei Frauen auf

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Hilfe bei Ödem, Venen und Wund Erkrankung

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At L&R, a high level of production and technology expertise means that we make our premium quality products available to customers and healthcare professionals promptly and economically.


Our production facilities set the standard in the industry. Production processes are optimized on an ongoing basis with the active involvement of employees through kaizen and lean management methods, which guarantee that the organization can react quickly, efficiently and flexibly to changing demands in international markets. Our objective is always to develop an optimal supply chain.

Scheduling and production planning processes are therefore geared to short throughput times.

An IT system that is integrated across all of the production locations ensures that processes are planned and managed efficiently around the world. The production locations are geared toward production and technology priorities within the corporate strategy and systematically integrate the L&R development centres, depending on the focus of the task in hand. Combining development and production both physically and strategically at one location ensures rapid, efficient development with the best results.    more 


Lymph-Netzwerke International

Hinweise und Links zu Lymphologischen Netzwerken in Europa und weltweit die bei Ödem Erkrankungen helfen.

Lymph-Netzwerke International >>
Partner des LymphNetzwerk

Die Partner des LymphNetzwerk informieren ihre Patienten hier im LymphNetzwerk über ihre Gesundheitsprodukte

Partner des LymphNetzwerk >>
Datenbank des LymphNetzwerk

In unserer Datenbank mit aktuell  etwa 6.000 Einträgen finden Sie Fachärzte, Therapeuten, Sanitätshäuser.

Datenbank des LymphNetzwerk >>