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med-plast Klinik - Fachklinik für Lipödem-Chirurgie Berlin

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The med-plast clinic at the heart of Berlin specializes exclusively in lipedema surgery and enjoys an excellent international reputation. Physicians from all disciplines refer lipedema patients to the German capital for diagnosis, second opinion and, of course,  the best possible treatment of their lipedema. All stages and distribution patterns are treated here, as well as all weight and age groups.


            5 Plastisc Surgeons                                          Team of 30                                               Licensed §30 Clinic

Only specialists in plastic and aesthetic surgery operate at med-plast.

The team of over 30 employees takes care of the patients' well-being around the clock in a friendly and professional atmosphere.

The med-plast clinic was founded by Dr. Labschies specifically to provide the highest quality lipedema surgery. With more than 1,000 lipedema operations per year, the med-plast team in Berlin not only has a high level of proficiency, but also accompanies each individual patient with understanding, empathy, and professional treatment towards a new quality of life - without lipedema.


Lipedema surgery Berlin

Lipedema as a clinical picture is medically complex and highly individual in its manifestation. The decision for a surgical therapy is just as individual - and is decided together through the most detailed consultation and examination. From the diagnosis to the successfully completed painless surgical therapy.






By means of water jet assisted liposuction (WAL), the gentle power of water is used to softly remove fat cells. In this process, med-plast anesthesiologists can use all possible anesthesia procedures as desired and agreed upon. After a night's in-patient stay at the med-plast clinic, the national patients start their return journey, the international patients go to the directly adjacent hotel, so that an extended care service, such as a special lymphatic drainage, can be provided comfortably and safely.


med-plast clinic: the safety of a hospital with the service of a private clinic

All additional problems and burdens around the operations are taken away from the lipedema patients in the med-plast clinic. Here, an all-round service is provided to all patients, from the flat garments to the blood samples and ultrasound examinations, right through to nutritional advice. The MLD specialized in lipedema and the pick-up service from and to the airport are particularly popular within the international med-plast patients.

                     Patient room                                       MLD in the clinic                                Mobilization on the ward

Do I have lipedema? Find out:

Not sure if your symptoms such as thick legs, pain and limited mobility are related to lipedema? Dr. Labschies and the entire team at the med-plast Clinic will be happy to provide you with all the information you need. 














Dr. med. Frank Labschies             Mo-Fr 8h-16h            Bayreuther Str. 36                          030 208 391 09               

10789 Berlin Deutschland  


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