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MORE THAN A MANUFACTURER... medi produces medical aids for a wide variety of illnesses and individual situations, including for lipoedema or lymphoedema. We are the world market leader in the area of medical compression hosiery. We deliver effective product solutions of the highest quality tailored to specific needs, so that our motto of “I feel better” can become your reality. And with the help of trendsetting and individual designs and a comprehensive network, our products are always right there where they’re actually needed: with the end consumer, who can feel the results – and soon enjoys significantly better quality of life. For much more information about health, please visit

The JOBST® brand sets the standard for quality and is recognized and requested by healthcare professionals and patients worldwide. Jobst stockings originated with founder Conrad Jobst in 1950. Today JOBST continues the strongest commitment to provide effective compression therapy for the care and management of venous and lymphatic diseases, including varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, chronic venous insufficiency, venous ulcers, peripheral edemas and lymphedema. Jobst seeks to improve the quality of life for by combining medical therapy with stylish choices. 

With its product portfolio including compression stockings, braces, orthoses, orthopedic insoles and protheses the Bauerfeind AG contributes to the maintenance and the re-establishment of good health. Several awards for design and material approve the high quality of the product innovations. Today the family owned company, founded 1929 in Zeulenroda / Germany, is a leading manufacturer in this line of business and employs more than 1.800 people worldwide.

Innovation meets tradition – for many years now we have belonged to the group of leading manufacturers of medical compression stockings and orthopaedic supports in Germany. And not without reason as since its foundation in 1928 the company has placed clear demands on all products: maximum comfort and good design and appearance together with optimum efficacy. These three pillars form the basis for innovative products and high-quality care.

Everything for successful therapy in lymphoedema With compression stockings that are effective and pleasant to wear.

The fact is that only consistent compliance with therapy can prevent worsening of the disease. In the treatment of lymphoedema, Complex Physical Decongestion Therapy (CPDT) has proved successful and has now been generally adopted as the first phase of treatment. The effect is to drain away accumulations of lymph, to restructure modified and hardened connective tissue, to activate the muscle pumps etc. 

In this first phase a compression dressing using a particular bandaging technique exerts pressure on the tissue and the muscles. It supports decongestion, promotes lymph drainage during exercise and prevents the reflux of lymph fluid into the affected parts of the body. This prevents further swelling. 

Compression therapy using compression stockings 

The second phase of therapy (CPDT Phase II) is different from Phase I particularly with respect to the compression therapy. Instead of bandages the patient is now given special compression stockings to maintain the success of decongestion. These are manufactured generally on an individual basis, using flat knit technology. Compression garments are available for arms, hands, legs and toes.

Decisions concerning compression category (I to lV) and type of garment are taken by the doctor. Modern compression stockings, consist of high-tech fibres that are pleasant to wear and highly permeable to air, which is highly beneficial for the skin.

Tips for successful compression therapy 

- Important factors in the success of compression therapy are the provision of comprehensive advice by the doctor and specialist retailer, and also the correct measuring technique for the stockings. Measurements must be taken at specific points.

- In order to be effective, compression stockings must fit exactly. Each patient must be shown exactly how to put these on and take them off correctly and practise this a number of times when the garments are first supplied.

- Special dressing and undressing aids are available – like the compression stockings themselves – from selected specialist retailers.

- It is important to follow the care instructions: only if the compression stockings are properly cared for will they keep their shape and ensure lasting therapeutic success.

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