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Remedial Exercises, The right kind of exercise helps with lymph therapy

Experts have developed different exercise programmes depending on the part of the body that is affected by lymphoedema. These simple exercises are carried out while wearing the compression bandage or garment. Patients should integrate these exercises into their normal daily routine. The rule of thumb for exercise therapy is that frequent short periods of exercise are preferable, to avoid overexertion.

The vein exerciser is an example of the ideal training aid for daily exercise therapy. The vein exerciser is available from well-stocked specialist retailers, together with detailed exercising instructions.

Exercise is good for people with lymphoedema.

- Gentle swimming
- Cycling
- Walking, hiking
- Nordic walking are particularly suitable.

Nordic walking: gentle exercise for the whole body

Nordic WalkingParticularly for people diagnosed with lipoedema or lymphoedema, Nordic walking represents the ideal sport. This differs from conventional walking in that poles are also used to work the arms. This gentle whole-body exercise that protects the joints improves lymph drainage and therefore the patient’s quality of life.


Appropriate exercise in the fresh air has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and efficiently builds up the leg muscles. Each step and each movement of the poles activates the lymphatic system. Nordic walking with compression has the same effect as lymph drainage. Picture caption: Nordic walking – a good choice to support the treatment of lymphoedema and lipoedema.

Important: Sport must never be done without compression! An essential requirement for this positive effect, however, is that patients wear the compression garment, or leave their legs bandaged, when they go walking.

Without compression therapy the circumference of the legs will increase further. Modern compression stockings provide an effective support for the treatment and increase the chances of therapeutic success.

Nordic walking can be practised irrespective of weather, age and personal condition. However, a doctor should decide on the appropriate level of exercise.

It all depends on the pole

Nordic walking pole are available from specialist retailers and differ from conventional walking poles in two essential features: they have a special hand loop and are made of a mixture of glass fibre and carbon which makes them extremely light and stable. Using the poles in Nordic walking distributes the load over all four extremities. This reduces the load on the joints by around five kilos at each step. After the exercise session, the poles even help with stretching. So there is no chance of muscle stiffness!

TIPS (individual boxes):

- Avoid overexertion.
- Avoid jerky movements.
- Tennis, golf, ball sports, alpine skiing, climbing etc. are not recommended for people with this illness.
- Avoid constriction, bruising and other injuries.
- Avoid physiotherapeutic exercises involving overstretching.

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