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Here you can read stories from people with lip / lymphedema who share their knowledge, experiences, tips and suggestions. At the request of the sick, we will also do this anonymously, because not everyone wants to make their medical history public with a photo - if photos then only with the permission of the authors. We are happy to publish your story, please mail to the lymphnetwork Pictures: pixabay stories were written by the forum members mentioned.

Valeria Sonia Amizich Moneo

I am Valeria Sonia Amizich Moneo @valeria_amizich I am Spanish born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  I am 54 years old, I live in Sitges, Barcelona, Spain.  I work as a Nursing Assistant at the Sant Antoni Abad Consorci Sanitari Hospital in Alt Penedès Garraf.  I have had primary lymphedema in the right limb since my teens when I was 15 years old.  Lymphedema is a type of edema produced by lymphatic dysfunction and is characterized by the accumulation of protein-rich fluid in the interstitial space, resulting in an increase in size or swelling of the affected body region;  In my particular case, I was born with a lack of lymphatic ducts and lymph node hypoplasia in my leg.

It is a chronic, progressive and disabling disease.  Lymphedema cannot be neglected and requires constant, often intensive and complex care.

Each lymphedema is unique and needs evaluations, treatments, and techniques tailored to your situation.  Assisted tests are required, to have a constant and present control of a physiotherapist until approval is obtained to be able to proceed to autonomy.  You always need a lympherapist and professionals who are irreplaceable and indispensable;  but the patient himself or the family member can do a lot if he wants to maintain and obtain favorable results.

It is important that we be as autonomous as possible since it is a complex treatment becoming aware of self-drainage combining diaphragmatic breathing, myolymphokinecic exercises, stretching, using a multi-component multilayer compression bandage, gloves and flat knitted, circular compression stockings made to measure.

The road was not easy, going through many emotional processes  Anger, helplessness, despair, anguish, sadness, depression, joy, euphoria and frustration ...

My search for a diagnosis and treatment lasted 14 years with many infections, hospital admissions until a being of medical light came into my life with a complex diagnosis and decongestant treatment, a lot of patience, perseverance and perseverance.

I have learned physiology and lymphatic anatomy, also to respect the pressure, relaxation, direction and rhythm of my hands when performing my manual lymphatic drainage DLM.  With my hands and visualization techniques I have created paths where the lymph from my leg lights up where I drain my toxins.  I learned to bandage my leg every day, every week, every month and so on until today.  At the end of 2019 I was diagnosed with Grade 4 carcinoma in Situ of the breast, surgery plus 25 sessions of Radiotherapy and the Covid 19 Pandemic at our feet; I have also overcome this!

The key is to educate our affected part.

Like an infinite mountain to climb day after day without ever stopping .... this is my feeling.

Different histories, different countries, different ages, different treatment paths;  but we are a great family united with our Limfacall Association and the rest of them and those affected.

Lymphedema always needs to be in motion, it is cyclical like life, sometimes it is better, others not so much.  Do not stop, you are not alone @ .... I extend my hand to hug you and help you, I am also an @ affected @ like you.

We need air to breathe .....

We need water to live .....

We need our hands to drain our toxins and feel relief in our affected area ...

Resilience is present in our lives permanently ... Do things that make you feel good, seek emotional, therapeutic, family, friends help ... anything is possible as long as you believe it, you are very strong and you are always learning .... Don't give up!

Thank you so much 

Valeria ❤️

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