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Lymphedema and Lipedema Networks in Europe

Lymphedema, Lipedema, Treatment methods

Compr. stockings in flat knit & circular knit

North & Cental Europe

 Sweden  SÖF


    Denmark  DALYFO



Norway   Norsk Lymfødemforening


Hamburg / Germany     Dr. Klesper, Phon +49  40  4135 56 61

Beautyklinik an der Alster     

England  The Lymphoedema Support Network
Lymphedema Clinic Wittlinger, Austria

Edema Clinic Wittlinger Austria

 England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland


Irland   Lymphoedema Ireland (formerly Irish Lymphoedema Support Network)





France  La Société Française de Médecine Vasculaire

Belgium  L’association porte le nom de « Belgian Society of Lymphology », en abrégé   BeSL


Luxemburg Die Vereinigung Lipödem Lëtzebuerg a.s.b.l.






Austria  The Austrian Lymphedama League

Austria Society for Manual Lymph Drainage

Schweiz Lymphödem Vereinigung Schweiz


Rehabilitation clinics

Rehabilitation clinics that treat your edema disease and thus alleviate your disease can be found here

Rehabilitation clinics >>

Compression stockings that fit in flat and circular knits help with lymphedema and lipedema

Compression stockings for edema >>
Lipedema, liposuction clinics

Lipedema is often confused with obesity, so losing weight is not very promising. Lipedema is a disease.

Liposuction Clinics >>

North & Central Europe: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, England , Scotland, Irland, Germany, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Nederland, Switzerland, Austria, 

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South & East Europe: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Czech, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Litauen, Israel, Russia 

Networks in South & East Europe >>

Networks worlwide: Amerika, Australien, Japan

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