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Edema Clinics

Germany, Austria, Nederland, Switzerland 

Földi Klinik Hinterzarten (Germany)

 +49 (0)7652 - 124-0   


(Dr. Martin, Chief Doctor- doctor in the forum) The Földi Clinic, European Centre for Lymphology, unifies medically advanced progressive thought with high humanitarian standards, providing interconnected treatment forms under one roof: medication, physical and surgical therapy and  emergency care. The Földi Clinic is seen as a reference clinic for patients with lymphological diseases, and the expertise of the doctors at the Földi Clinic is in high demand worldwide. For more information about the Földi Clinic Hinterzarten please click here 

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The History of the Földi Clinic

The Földi Clinic was founded as a specialist clinic for lymphology in April 1979 in Feldberg-Altglashütten. The original house “Sommerberg” was a spa-hotel with 60 beds which had previously belonged to a bank, and was rented by the married couple Professor Michael Földi and Professor Etelka Földi. After the necessary renovations, the clinic was registered for patient care according to §30 GWO and was registered as a specialist hospital by the health insurance companies according to §184 RVO. After a short period of time, the waiting list for treatment at the hospital had risen to over one year. Therefore, a hotel situated close-by with 22 beds (Haus Brunk) was rented in order to increase the clinic's capacity.

The medical personnel at that time consisted of 4 doctors, 8 nurses and 14 therapists. These were the years of improvisation, and there was a mood of attaining new horizons: the patients were delighted to find new possibilites for treating their lymphedema in a specialist clinic. At the same time the treating physicians and therapists gained increasing experience in Lymphology and were able to optimize individual diagnostic and treatment strategies. It was at this time that the interdisciplinary principle for lymphological patient care was established. Patients with secondary lymphedema after cancer treatment were treated in cooperation with the oncological centres of the University Clinic in Freiburg. Lymphscintigraphy and further imaging diagnostic examinations were performed at the local hospital in Emmendingen.

Prof. E. Földi received CHI authorization for lymphological consultation in 1979, so that out-patient lymphedema treatment could be performed in addition to in-patient treatment. Complex Physical Decongestive Therapy (CDT) was established at the clinic based on manual lymph drainage and furthered with additional therapies. Complex Physical Decongestive Therapy (CDT) is now recognized as the basis for conservative lymphedema treatment, embedded in an internistic integral concept. The therapeutic results were convincing.

Many doctors from Germany and the world visited the clinic, as well as hospital operators and health politicians: The foundation of a model clinic was planned, to be financed by the State and Federation, which the clinic founders welcomed. After this plan failed in Stuttgart, the clinic management created their own plan for the further development of the specialist lymphological clinic on their own initiative and without shying the risks: The Professors Földi bought the Hotel Weißes Rössle in Hinterzarten with 96 beds at that time. After extensive renovations, the Földi Clinic was able to reopen its doors on 24th September 1986. The number of personnel had increased accordingly to meet the new challenges: 7 physicians, 15 nurses, 24 physiotherapists as well as service personnel.

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Lympho Opt Klinik Pommelsbrunn (Germany)

 +49 (0)9154 - 911 202    

lympho opt klinik

Dr. Schingale (chief doctor- doctor in the forumSpecialized Clinic for Lymphology Pommelsbrunn-Hohenstadt. The Lympho-Opt Clinic Pommelsbrunn-Hohenstadt is a small rehabilitation clinic with a family atmosphere. For two decades we have offered high-quality help to people with lymphatic and venous diseases, either from Germany or from all over the world.


Lympho-Opt - Specialist Clinic for Lymphology

The Lympho-Opt Clinic is one of the few lymphology clinics worldwide. It is a private hospital, however, due to supply contracts with statutory health insurances, in accordance with § 111 of Social Code V as well as occupancy agreements with annuity insurances, in accordance with § 21 SGB IX, it can admit patients for medical rehabilitation (cures). If you want to apply for a rehab, please contact your health or annuity insurance. 

Privately insured patients can be hospitalized for acute clinical treatment, if they own a referral from their general practitioner, which has been pre-approved by their health insurance. Of course also privately insured individuals can apply at Lympho-Opt for an in-patient rehab (cure). According to § 6 and § 7 BHV, Lympho-Opt is an eligible clinic.

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The Lympho-Opt Clinic was founded in Vorra, Middle Franconia in 1992 and moved to new premises in Pommelsbrunn-Hohenstadt in October 1998. It is a specialist clinic with focus on lymphology, and offers single as well as double rooms. Thanks to its comprehensible size and an intensive and personal care environment our patients can retain their personal freedom while staying at the hospital. Prior to admission, all wishes and needs on both sides - patient as well as physician – will be clarified.

Our staff is always at disposal for any patient-related questions. The statement "Sorry, I don't have time for you right now" does not exist at our clinic. This also applies for the relationship between employees and clinic management. We foster a very open and trusting relationship with each other, as only a balanced mixture of individual commitment and team spirit helps to keep up and steadily continue the improvement process.

Feel free to bring along an accompanying person, either for individual days or the entire period of your stay. This only needs to be booked in advance. The rate for your companion is EUR 65.-- per day, which includes overnight accommodation and full board. Your companion is welcome to participate in the courses we offer, such as Nordic walking, Zumba, Yoga, knitting, etc.

By default, our patients are granted a single room (depending on the agreement with health insurances, also accommodation in double rooms might be possible)..

The Lympho-Opt Clinic was founded in Vorra, Middle Franconia in 1992 and moved to new premises in Pommelsbrunn-Hohenstadt in October 1998. It is a specialized clinic with focus on lymphology, and offers single as well as double rooms. Thanks to its comprehensible size and an intensive and personal care environment our patients can retain their personal freedom while staying at the hospital. Prior to admission, all wishes and needs on both sides - patient as well as physician – will be clarified    Lympho Opt Klinik

 Lymphedema Clinic Wittlinger Walchsee (Austria) 

   +43 (0) 5374 - 5245-0 

wittlinger ödemklinik walchseeSet in the enchanting surroundings of Tyrol’s Kaiserwinkl region, the Wittlinger Lymphedema Clinic has been Europe's center for excellence in holistic lymphedema management for more than 50 years. Lymphedema patients require specialized methods of treatment and therapy. Our professional team at the Wittlinger Lymphedema Clinic will look after your wellbeing, while providing you with specific, professional and highly personalized care.    

Founded in 1967, the Wittlinger Lymphedema Clinic in Walchsee has always stood for top expertise in the treatment of lipedema and lymphedema.

The Lymphedema Clinic provides not only the best therapy for all kinds of edema but also a pleasant atmosphere of well-being, thanks to our qualified and friendly staff. All our patients are accommodated in one of the Clinic’s 49 comfortable single rooms. The Wittlinger Lymphedema Clinic is rated as a four-star hotel intent on offering patients a familial and warm reception in Tyrol’s Kaiserwinkl area to make them feel at home immediately.

In order to ensure an optimal treatment in edema of all origins, Manual Lymph Drainage is combined with bandaging, remedial exercises and skin care. In conventional medicine, this method of treating lymphedema is known as “Combined Decongestive Therapy”. Personalized diet plans to meet your individual needs complement our range of services.

The Wittlinger Lymphedema Clinic has contracts with all Austrian social health insurers. Under EU legislation, patients from other EU-countries may also enter SHI-covered rehab programmes in Walchsee.

Proper follow-up care is of utmost importance to us. We will compile a list of therapists in the proximity of your home who have been trained by us at the Dr. Vodder Academy. In addition, you will be instructed how to bandage yourself, learn about precautionary measures, be given dietary advice, exercise instructions and individually fitted compression stockings. This will ensure sustainable edema or volume reduction and consequently a better quality of life.

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In Zuidoost-Friesland bieden wij als ziekenhuis Nij Smellinghe de zorg aan de inwoners die voornamelijk afkomstig zijn uit de gemeenten Smallingerland, Opsterland, Achtkarspelen, Ooststellingwerf, Tietjerksteradeel, Marum en Grootegast. Nij Smellinghe is een ziekenhuis met 339 bedden en uitgebreide poliklinische voorzieningen. Alle specialismen zijn vertegenwoordigd.

Wilt u algemene informatie over het ziekenhuis? Bijvoorbeeld antwoord op de vragen: Hoe is het ziekenhuis ooit ontstaan, hoe ziet het ziekenhuis er bestuurlijk uit en welke kwaliteitskeurmerken heeft Nij Smellinghe? Dan vindt u in het linker menu verschillende onderdelen waarin deze informatie staat.

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  +41 (0) 56 269 51 51 RehaClinic Bad Zurzach (Switzerland)

RehaClinic, ein bedeutender Akteur des schweizerischen Gesundheitswesens, lebt die Vision eines kundengerechten, qualitativ hochstehenden und effizienten Angebots für die medizinische und soziale Rehabilitation und Prävention.

Menschen für Menschen

Neben der Rehabilitation steht bei uns immer auch die Prävention im Fokus. Sei es in Form der primären Prävention, die von gesundheitsbewussten Menschen vorsorglich in Anspruch genommen wird, oder sei es in Form der sekundären Prävention, die anlässlich der rehabilitativen Massnahmen dafür sorgt, dass eine nächste Krankheit oder ein Unfall nach Möglichkeit ausbleibt. Beide Gesichtspunkte sind in unseren Angeboten fest 

RehaClinic strebt die möglichst engmaschige Vernetzung mit den vor- und nachgelagerten Institutionen (Fach- und Hausärzten, Spitälern, Heimen, Sozialbehörden, Arbeitgebern usw.) an. Dieser umfassende Ansatz sorgt dafür, dass die rehabilitativen und präventiven Massnahmen sowohl für die Betroffenen sowie auch für die Gesellschaft eine nachhaltige Wirkung entfalten.

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