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Lymphedema is not a rare disease. Worldwide about three percent of all people suffer from chronic lymphedema, in Germany it is more than 5 percent. Permanent lymphostasis triggers fibrotic remodelling of the tissue. Therapy should therefore start early. The most important measure is the complex physical decongestion therapy (MLD/KPE). more information

Lipedema is often confused with obesity, so losing weight is not very promising. Lipedema is a disease of which, unfortunately, very little is known even today. It is well known that a certain predisposition is required, which can often lead to an unproportional increase in fat tissue in the legs or arms after puberty or pregnancy. more Information

Veins & Wounds and its treatment...

Erysipelas. Dangerous pathogens on the skin. Inflammation of a erysipelas can threaten life. It looks like a severe sunburn and also has similar symptoms. The "erysipelas", an inflammation of the skin, can have protracted consequences for the health of those affected. If it is not recognized and treated, its effects are life-threatening.

Leg ulcer, Ulcus cruris venosum - a venous disease

With 57 - 80% of all chronic venous ulcerations, venous leg ulcers are the most frequent cause of wounds that do not heal spontaneously. It develops as a result of chronic venous insufficiency due to prolonged high blood pressure and is the most severe stage of chronic venous disease. This affects 0.7% of the adult population.

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