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... why flat knitted compression stockings in lymphedema are indexed?

In contrast to the circular knitting process, the flat knitting process produces a flat, two-dimensional knitted fabric. With this knitting process it is therefore possible to increase or decrease the stitches and thus adjust the shape of the stocking to all existing circumferential variations. This ensures an optimum pressure curve even with extreme edema forms. Flat knitted compression stockings are also more dimensionally stable. They do not lie in the skin folds of edema patients, undesirable constrictions are prevented. The massage effect, which the coarser structure of the flat knitted products triggers on the subcutaneous connective tissue, has a positive influence on the contraction of the lymphatic vessels. The higher air permeability and breathability also increase patient compliance.

Another advantage of flat knitted products is that the working pressure - i.e. the physical pressure that the knitted fabric generates against the movement of the muscles - is considerably higher. This significantly reduces the risk of reedematisation in oedema patients. By the way: The prescription of medical compression stockings does not burden your medicine and remedy budget! Source: Eurocom

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Medical compression stockings have a lifespan of at least six months if worn regularly, i.e. the patient is entitled to a new prescription every six months.

2 There is no rigid assignment of compression classes to specific diagnoses. All compression classes - especially compression class 1 - can be prescribed according to medical necessity at the discretion of the treating physician.

In individual cases, for example if the patient is not able to put on compression stockings of compression classes 3 and 4 alone, the doctor may prescribe two stockings of lower compression classes which are worn on top of each other.

A distinction is made between circular knit products for the treatment of venous diseases and flat knit products for the treatment of oedema. This reflects the special role of flat knit products in lymphatic care.

The supply of medical compression stockings, Everything for successful lymphedema therapy

With compression stockings that work and are comfortable to wear. Fact is: Only by consistently adhering to the therapy can a worsening of the disease be prevented. In the treatment of lymphedema, complex physical decongestion therapy (KPE) has proven itself as the first therapy phase and has become established. It causes, for example, the drainage of lymph congestion, the restructuring of altered, hardened connective tissue, the activation of muscle pumps, etc. The treatment of the lymphatic system is also known as KPE.

Compression therapy with compression stockings

KKL I (light) 18-21 mmHg
KKL II (medium) 23-32 mmHg
KKL III (strong) 34-46 mmHg
KKL IV (very strong) --over 49 mmHg

The second phase of the therapy (KPE phase II) differs from phase I mainly in the compression therapy. Instead of bandages, the patient now receives special compression stockings, which are intended to achieve successful decongestion. These are mostly made individually and in flat knitting technique. Compression fittings are available for arms, hands, legs and toes.

The treating physician decides on the compression class (from I to IV) and the type of care. Modern compression stockings, for example, consist of high-tech fibres, are comfortable to wear and show high air permeability, which is very beneficial for the skin.

Tips for successful compression therapy:

Important for the success of the compression therapy is a comprehensive consultation with a doctor and a medical supply specialist as well as a correct measurement of the stockings. This takes place at specified measuring points. In order to work properly, compression stockings must fit exactly. Every patient should be shown how to put on and take off the stockings correctly and should try it out several times during the first treatment. Put-on and take-off aids are practical, which - like the compression stockings - are available in selected specialist shops.
It is important to follow the care instructions: Because only correctly maintained compression stockings stay in shape and can guarantee lasting therapeutic success.

Contrary to the opinion of the health insurers, there are no rigid deadlines for the supply of flat-knitted compression fittings. According to the guideline on aids (which regulates this in a legally binding manner), double equipment is possible for medical and hygienic or safety reasons. The reasons for multiple equipment must also be stated on the prescription as follows.

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