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Here you can read stories from people with lip / lymphedema who share their knowledge, experiences, tips and suggestions. At the request of the sick, we will also do this anonymously, because not everyone wants to make their medical history public with a photo - if photos then only with the permission of the authors. We are happy to publish your story, please mail to the lymphnetwork Pictures: pixabay stories were written by the forum members mentioned.

Anna Maisetti

Mi chiamo Anna Maisetti, ho 35 anni e sono Italiana. A 22 anni mi e’ stato diagnosticato un cancro della pelle in fase avanzata. Sono stati asportati chirurgicamente i linfonodi dall’inguine destro e ho sviluppato il linfedema secondario alla gamba.


Buenas tardes, Soy Estefanía Miguez Gregores, tengo 32 años y soy de Galicia que está en España. Os voy a contar mi historia. Tengo linfedema desde hace casi cuatro años, el 7 mayo hará los cuatro años. Todo empezó por que me salieron unos bultos en la ingle izquierda, que me dolían y estaban hinchados.


Hallo an alle, ich bin Petra, 47 Jahre und bin aus Südtirol/Italien. Die Geschichte meines Lymphödems fängt bei meiner Geburt im Krankenhaus an, und zwar hatte ich bei der Geburt Atemstillstand und wurde sofort wiederbelebt. Ich wurde in die Kinderklinik gebracht, wo ich einige Wochen stationär blieb. Ich habe Pleura Schwielen in der Lunge, weshalb ich auch kurzatmig bin.

Valeria Sonia Amizich Moneo

I am Valeria Sonia Amizich Moneo @valeria_amizich I am Spanish born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am 54 years old, I live in Sitges, Barcelona, Spain. I work as a Nursing Assistant at the Sant Antoni Abad Consorci Sanitari Hospital in Alt Penedès Garraf. I have had primary lymphedema in the right limb since my teens when I was 15 years old. Lymphedema is a type of edema produced by lymphatic dysfunction and is characterized by the accumulation of protein-rich fluid in the interstitial space, resulting in an increase in size or swelling of the affected body region; In my particular case, I was born with a lack of lymphatic ducts and lymph node hypoplasia in my leg.

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Rehabilitation clinics that treat your edema disease and thus alleviate your disease can be found here

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Lipedema is often confused with obesity, so losing weight is not very promising. Lipedema is a disease.

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